Semi VB Decompiler
For Visual Basic 4(32bit)/5/6 (Native / P-Code)

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Recent Updates for Semi VB Decompiler:

Added a helper application called Api Add which allows you to add API's to the Semi VB Decompiler API Database.

Updated Native procedure decompile dissembles faster and added some native dissemble options to the options screen. Also updated decompile from offset, now verifies the file has a VB5! signature. For .Net applications added the view console under the Tools menu. Added data directories to the PE Optional Header list.

Two minor little fixes on project generation. Fixed a bug with directory listbox and bug in VBP generation.

Changed how the P-Code property database worked the VTable information is now directly pulled form the typelib of VB6.OLB, this means that Semi VB Decompiler now has complete support for all properties of the standard VB toolbox controls.

Updates over the last month, added menu for easy access to the other tools,  added over 100 more P-Code properties to the database. Fixed some handling of certain VB files.

Added another tool to Semi VB Decompiler a VB Obfuscator for Visual Basic 5/6. What does an Obfuscator do? Well it makes the decompiled code harder to read and understand, making a little tougher.   My version obfuscates the object names, and control names for Visual Basic 5/6 programs.

Version 0.07 released.   Now using a property sheet control to display and edit control/form properties.  Under the treeview, the controls now have there own icons to recognize the control type.  More properties for the controls added.  Improved the speed on various functions. Under the tools menu there is now a link to the FileReport.txt. Working on a system to handle external controls.

Updated the menu's for all three applications they are now using the office xp styling.   Added full support for all the default controls for VB 2/3 in the Binary Form to Text Converter.    Improved detection and handling of non vb files, while also display if the file is packed with upx.    Newest feature added is the Startup form patcher which allows you to choose  which form is to be displayed first and save the changes to the exe file.

Added support for user document objects.  Improved control processing for unknown opcodes.  Added P-Code String List to the main treeview, which allows you to see all strings of a P-Code compiled exe.  Added a helper program that is like the object browser in VB but also shows you all installed active x controls on the computer, and their  CLSID, ProgID, ToolBox32Bitmap, TypeLib, Version, InprocServer32 information which could be helpful and save you time instead of searching though the registry.


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